‘Rangrooting’ for films in Dehradun

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In 2012 while making a hybrid documentary, Wall Stories, we decided to make a collaborative short film.  The inspiration was from my participation in the collaborative filmmaking event, RipFest in New York.  RipFest had been a wonderful experience. I got to stretch myself creatively and I met likeminded people who became treasured colleagues and friends.  I wanted to recreate that experience in Dehradun.  And so our first short, Rangroot came about in 2012. Then came The Girl in 2014, and now its time to recharge our batteries with Rangroot 3! Rangroot, the Indo-Anglian word for recruit’ having become the identity of this method of making films.  A method that incorporates the talents of the cast and crew into the story that is written around whatever location is available. A combination of serendipity, preparation and improvisation.

Interested cast and crew should get in touch with us. We thank those who have already showed an interest, we’ll get back to you very soon with interview and audition dates. Meanwhile please introduce yourself to us:

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