The Girl

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Oblique, eerie and mysterious, The Girl’ is about the violence and horror of childhood. The Girl lives in an isolated mansion in the woods in the mountains of India, with a woman, the Mad Lady.’ This woman is her caretaker and watches her all the time.  Their odd life is disrupted when the Mad Lady can see something she was previously oblivious to.

Inspired by Indian Gothic greats like Mahal’ from the forties and the European avant-garde films from the twenties, The Girl’ is a gothic tale about the resilience of children. (8 min, 2014)

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Cartaxo International Fantastic and Horror Film Festival, Portugal, November 2015

Baghdad International Film Festival, October 2015

Festival de Cine al Carrete, Tolima, Colombia, October 2015

Muestra Audiovisual Cine Sinú, Córdoba, Colombia, October 2015

International Fantastic Film Festival and Terror of Navarra Horror Online Art, Spain, September 2015

Ciclo de Cine El Páramo, Mexico, September 2015

Festival de Cine de Paracho, Mexico, September 2015

4th Chandigarh Cinema Festival, India, August 2015

Feria Internacional de Cine de Manizales, Colombia, August 2015

Zanzibar International Film Festival, Zanzibar, July 2015

Rodinia Short Film Festival, Vallodolid, Spain, June 2015

Azores Fringe Festival, Portugal, June 2015

Festival Mundial de Cine Extremo de Veracruz, Mexico, June 2015

7 Picknic Film Festival, Santander, Spain, June 2015

Festival Internacional de Cine de Villavicencio, Colombia, October 2014

FERfilm International Film Festival, Ferizaj, Kosovo, July 2014

Salón Internacional de la Luz, Bogota, Colombia. May 2014