Collaborative Film Project in Dehradun

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Film Project

We want to make a film that  challenges us creatively.  Instead of coming in with a script which is then imposed on the cast and crew, we will reverse the process.  We find the location and actors first and build the story around them.  This is how we made Rangroot’ which turned out to be a very rewarding experience, and now we are ready to get our creative juices flowing again.

Read about Rangroot’ here and here.

Actors, Cinematographers, Sound Designers, Editors, and Producers are welcome to apply.  Fill in the form below.


10/7-8 Auditions and interviews of cast and crew

10/9 Meeting of selected cast and crew

10/10 Scripting based on selected actors and location

10/11 Rehearsal

10/12 Camera blocking and shooting script

10/13-14 Production

10/15-23 Post production

10/24 Screening!

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We want to emphasize this project is a way to create an outlet for talented actors and filmmakers in Dehradun, to create an environment where people can learn from each other and perfect their skills.  Its not a commercial enterprise. We are not getting paid to put this project together and neither is anyone participating. We cannot reimburse any costs that are incurred.