Potted Plants

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Here is a micro-play I wrote a while back.


CHARACTERS Mabel-a little old lady June-Mabel’s neighbor, entering middle age

LOCATION A neat little garden in front of a semi-detached townhouse.

TIME A lovely summers day

JUNE Your roses are beautiful

MABEL So they are. I never believed in false modesty, but I can certainly say a nice thank you. Thank you.

JUNE What is your secret?

MABEL Kill your husband and bury him in the garden.

JUNE Ha, ha, you are funny.

MABEL Yes, funny how Frank makes such good fertilizer.

JUNE Com’on Mabel

MABEL You are right…

JUNE Yeah, not even in your dreams

MABEL Speaking of dreams, I dreamed last night that Frank went to Pakistan

JUNE What for?

MABEL He wanted to get one of them Pashtun outfits, you know the long shirt and the baggy pants, and grow a beard.

JUNE And then?

MABEL Well, he went off and joined the Taleban.

JUNE Wow. Where is Frank anyway?

MABEL He went out of town.

JUNE But Frank never goes anywhere.

MABEL Well, he’s gone now.

JUNE That is strange.

MABEL Oh well, gotta go.

JUNE Go where Mabel? Something the matter?

MABEL At my age? no.

JUNE You are being evasive. Its Frank, isn’t it? Where is he?

MABEL I told you. He is fertilizer.

JUNE More like a fertilizer bomb.

MABEL No, just for the roses.

JUNE He grew a beard you said.

MABEL In my dream.

JUNE What? you were in on it, it was your dream too? eh! death to America. Your dream. Our biggest nightmare.

MABEL Frank is buried in the garden.

JUNE You mean he will be in the garden of paradise with a hundred virgins.

MABEL You are crazy.

JUNE Not as crazy as you. You freedom hater you. (she whips out her cell phone and punches 911) Hello, Homeland Security. I saw something and want to say something. A woman just helped her husband go to Pakistan and become a terrorist.

MABEL I keep telling you, I killed Frank and buried him in the rosebed. (June ignores her and continues to talk into the phone in a whisper) Hey! listen to me. I killed my husband and buried…

(CURTAIN as Rose and Mabel go on repeating their dialogue and action)

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