Virtual Cabbages and Kings

Films, Odds and Ends

DuckOne of the great perks of being a filmmaker is that I can hang out with people doing really interesting things, and its considered work!

Last week, a screenwriter friend and I spent the afternoon with Ken Perlin, a professor in the Computer Science department at NYU who originated some of the algorithms that ended up creating the special effects in Tron! and his research has ended up in movie effects too many to enumerate, not to mention video games.

Ken showed us his latest research, which was the creation of virtual actors who performed Pride and Prejudice’ as the 30 second version was narrated!

Another one of his experiments Rudolph, has its own poem:

Rudolph the red nosed rein-sheep†Sheep Rudolph the red nosed rein-sheep Had to stand on just three feet This made his A.I. program Always run NP-complete All of the other rein-sheep Used to call him names and laugh They always said poor Rudolph Had an asymmetric graph!

Asymmetric graph, wow, thats funny! Check out Ken’s page, its got all sorts of fun stuff to play with.