VenusI got to see Venus, the new film written by Hanif Kureishi last week, courtesy of the Writers’ Guild, and what a pleasure it was, to be sure. So much could go wrong with a touching and funny film about a lecherous old man who is dying, but it doesn’t. Between watching incredible actors perform, and a screenplay that never sinks into sentimentality, Venus was pleasurable in that old fashioned way that plays and movies are supposed to be when you read how this stuff is supposed to work according to Stanislavski.

However, the publicist for this movie should be fired. I would have never gone to the film after seeing the poster-with a scary looking Peter O’Toole, and tagline that says, From the director of Notting Hilll,’ who would want to see something that aligns itself with a vile concoction of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant?