Googling Yourself

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My writer friends google themselves often, mostly to make sure that they are not getting ripped off by companies using their work for commercial gain, or doing unauthorized productions of their plays, and finally to find out which unlikely places they may have turned up in.

Since I am procrastinating instead of editing our documentary, I googled myself and came across the following:

Bikiinimõrvar jääb pikaks ajaks trellide taha

It is a news headline, and the language is Estonian, which took me a while to figure out. It’s a story about Charles Sobhraj, and somewhere in the end it mentions a film by me, I think:

Mees on jõudnud ka filmilinale, sest tema elulugu pakub ainest huvitavale käsikirjale: kümned mõrvad, noored ja imekaunid naised ning julged ja edukad põgenemised maailma eri vanglatest. Nii on India lavastaja Shashwati Talukdar näiteks teinud sarimõrvarist juba kaks filmi.

I don’t know what it means, maybe it just says, and some idiot Indian filmmaker thinks Sobhraj makes good fodder for films.” I have no way of telling, but it sounds cool to know that I,“näiteks teinud sarimõrvarist juba kaks filmi.”

Update: Language Hat actually owns an Estonian dictionary, and here is what he has to say:

I’m afraid I don’t know Estonian, but I have a small dictionary, which sheds a bit of light:

Nii [so] on [?] India lavastaja [producer] Shashwati Talukdar näiteks [for example] teinud [second? another?] sarimõrvarist [serial killer??] juba [already, yet] kaks [two] filmi [film(s)].

Sari is series’ and mõrvar is murderer,’ so I don’t know what else sarimõrvarist might mean. Make of it what you will!