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In my wanderings, I came across a delightful blog called Rikshaw which is dedicated to phrases written on the back of rikshaws in the sub-continent. Here are some of my favorites:

Main bare hokar truck bannun ga When I grow up, I will be a truck.

Jinnay apni maa noo sataya, Onay saree umar ricksha hee chalaya He who is troublesome to his mother, spends his life driving a rikshaw. (How is that for a desi Oedipus?)

Kabhee side say aatee ho kabhee peechay say aatee ho, meree jaan horn day day kar mujhay tum kyon satateey ho Sometimes you come from the side, sometimes from the back, my love why do you torment me with blowing your horn?

Sometimes these gems can just be a phrase, like Khatarnak Rambo (dangerous Rambo), or even one word, which as my sister reports, could be Monica! which was emblazoned across rikshaws at the height of the Lewinsky scandal. It caused my mother to change the spelling of her name from Monica to Monika.