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The writer for a musical I edited has written a young adult novel, Sex Kittens and Hawn Dawgs Fall in Love, and is in trouble for it, and no, this is not a Kaavya Vishwanathan story. Rosemary Wood’s book is one of the ten books banned by the Hernando County School Board in Florida. As Rosemary puts it:

WoodsPeople sometimes assume that these sorts of ban attempts arise naturally” from conservative parents, but this incident is a great example of how that’s not always the case: a conservative radio station instigated this by calling a school board member to complain about the school’s book order. She then went to some of the fundamentalist websites that list books that should be banned” and used that to make a list. No one read the books, no one researched the books, the head of the school board, the school principal and librarian all opposed it, but with TV cameras running this school board got manipulated by fundamentalist media forces outside their own community into striking these ten books from the high school library’s purchase order until they could be reviewed by a committee.”

You can find links to stories in the press on her blog.

Banning a book, or film which they haven’t read or seen is so obviously absurd, one wonders at the regularity with which these things seem to happen.