Casting Stones


The Catholic Secular Forum in India has sent the call out for a fast-unto-death to protest the the movie, The Da Vinci Code. The group sees the protest as:

It’s a more Christian way of doing things rather than pulling down things and tearing them up,” he ( the general secretary) said.

I suppose its laudable that they would espouse such a Gandhian gesture, as opposed to what the Shiv Sena has been prone to do. However, from what I understand the Da Vinci code doesn’t pretend to be gospel, its a work of fiction. I wonder where all their hurt feelings were when The Passion of the Christ came out, which was the gospel according to Mel and anti-semitic to boot, and uncomfortably prurient in its depictions of a body in pain.

In any case, protesting a film seems like a senseless exercise.