Textbooks California Style

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I had written about textbooks being changed in India, and how the Hindutva folks don’t like the proposed changes. Now they can take comfort, all they need to do is go to California.

The history and social science textbooks for grades 6-8 have sections on India. The school board has accepted most of the changes proposed by the saffron brigade. The changes make for interesting reading. Predictably the text book seems to full of the usual cow-worshipping, pantheistic, caste-ridden crap, and of-course the proposed changes disfavor the Aryan invasion theory, sweep under the rug the uncomfortable facts about the caste system or status of women.

I am as sick of googly-eyed Westerners and their salacious interest in inequalities, Indian style, and the Hindutva idiots who see insult and injury under every stone.

There is going to be a hearing on the matter on Dec. 2nd. A letter signed by various scholars has been going around about this issue.