New Textbooks, Again

Culture and Media

An interesting bit of news from The Hindu, about chapters on Babri Masjid and Godhra in the standard XII Political Science textbooks, among other things:

The two events will be discussed under Chapter X titled Recent Issues and Challenges’’ that will look at various issues including challenges and responses to globalisation, the new economic policy of the Government and opposition to it, rise of other backward classes in North Indian politics, and Dalit politics in the electoral and non-electoral arena.

Textbooks, especially History textbooks, are a hugely politically contentious subject in India. When I was in school, we mostly had the conservative historian RC Majumdar’s version of history, then things changed with the rise of the BJP (which thankfully, I escaped) and the tug of war continues, the Hindutva brigade is already making noises about these changes.

The changes described above seem a lot more interesting than what we had to study in school. Interestingly, its how to teach Political Science and History that become political issues, and not Creationism, or intelligent design” like in the US. India is just not as religious or religious in the same way as the US.