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After a back-breakingly relentless schedule, I was finally able to get eight hours of sleep and go to the movies. I got to see the new Wallace and Gromit movie and Cronenberg’s A History of Violence. Both good choices for someone in need of good movie experiences.

I wonder if Wallace and Gromit is particularly liked by people who were brought up on P.G. Wodehouse, and therefore find comfort in silly British aristocrats. Its hard to admit to finding comfort in those English-y certainties, considering present day England is probably nothing like that, and God knows if that Englishiness actually existed in the first place, and if the Non-English Subjects of the Queen” are even allowed to partake in the pleasure of ideal Britishness. Oh well, I suppose the Colonial encounter continues to be complicated.

The Cronenberg film was something else entirely. Pleasurable and appalling for quite different reasons. If you enjoy being told how the narrative is being constructed, even as you are watching it, this is definitely the film. Not to mention the joys of movie violence, the film doesn’t have History” in its title for nothing.