Its All Her Fault

Culture and Media

There is a sudden enthusiasm for dress codes in Indian universities. First it was Mumbai University, then it was Delhi and now its Anna University. And mind you, this dress code only applies to women. The logic goes something like this–women are getting harassed, they are getting raped and molested because men are tempted, and they are tempted by mini-skirts and spaghetti straps.

I have news for these, mostly, middle aged men who are so keen to protect female students–YOU CAN BE COVERED HEAD TO TOE AND STILL BE HARASSED. Did these people bother to actually speak with women before they came up with this brilliant idea? I don’t think so. Understandably the students have been up in arms about this blame the victim” measure. It doesn’t take a sociologist to figure out that sexual harassment is about gender discrimination, and the exercise of patriarchal power. Com’on you Phd-ed knuckle-heads.

Update: There is a petition on the web you can read and sign.