Bangla Conspiracy Theories


Its always interesting to look at conspiracy theories after a catastrophe. My favorite after 9/11 was that it was Hindu-Jewish conspiracy! The Bangladesh blasts are no exception. The blog DeshCalling (via Global Voices)has a bunch of posts about India’s nefarious plans about its neighbors. One of its posts proclaims:

RAW - The Real Masterminds Behind Bangladesh Bomb Attacks?

Then it goes on to discuss, India uses Nazi style propaganda to vilify Bangladesh.” It reports on a press meeting following a brouhaha caused by the Indian Ambassadors remarks that Islamists had carried out the bomb attack (I thought those folks had claimed responsibility, so why the outrage?), the article explains this breach of diplomatic etiquette:

India cannot accept Bangladesh’s independent existence and is now running a campaign saying Bangladesh is threat for them, he said, adding the country wants to see unrest in Bangladesh as in Nepal and Sri Lanka.

It sounds patently absurd. Bangladesh has a good record on some things (see previous posts here and here), I wonder what is really going on underneath these paranoid rantings.

Also see Sepia Mutiny’s post on the Bangladesh blasts.