Word? Word

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Manish over at Sepia Mutiny has a funny post riffing on the acronym for Really Simple Syndication’ being the same for the ultra right wing Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. It got me thinking of another words that have unintended double meanings, like Dasani.’ Apparently the Coca Cola company chose this name for its bottled water because it means nothing,” and suggests something cool and refreshing. Now, if I understand my Sindhi correctly, Dasani’ means from the house of slaves.’ So does this mean that Coca Cola’s bottled water comes from slave labor? or they track down the finest slave households and put a bottle to their taps?

I am trying to think of other words that work like RSS and Dasani, it would probably make a good little playlet. Meanwhile, the humorless Hundutva sympathizers have been posting comments at Sepia Mutiny, and I am guessing there is enough hateful stuff there for the comments to have been closed for that particular thread. I wonder if those who worry about injuries done to Coca Cola’s pride will post here with any enthusiasm? or doesn’t poor Coca Cola have any righteously indignant defenders?