Reading the News on Nanavati


If you’ve been following the news on the tabling of the report on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, you probably know that Jagdish Tytler has had to resign from the cabinet, and Sajjan Kumar is in trouble. Manmohan Singh announced that investigations against these folks will be re-opened. With Tytler becoming a political liability for the Congress, one hopes for a certain symmetry, where Modi becomes a liability for the BJP. That remains to be seen. Hopefully, the Tytler resignation is a truly positive sign, and not another false beginning, even if its too little, too late (criminals like HKL Bhagat have been completely exonerated).

Its been interesting to read the papers on what prompted this development. The Telegraph reports that the CPI and CPM refused to support their coalition partners in parliament against a NDA/BJP motion to adjourn the house, unless something was done about the culprits by the central government. The Indian Express on the other hand:

Refuting suggestions that the Left parties had occupied the `Opposition space’, she said except for the BJP and Akali Dal, not once did they (Left) obstruct the proceedings in both Houses or get them adjourned on this issue”.

The truth is probably somewhere in between, more in line with The Hindu report, which sort of falls in the middle of these two positions, and talks about the dissent within the Congress itself, which the other two papers don’t mention. Kind of interesting, given the conventional wisdom that the news has a left bias.