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Dictatesofdestiny-1You can read comics on the blog, comic project which is devoted to Indrajal comics. This week’s installment has a Bahadur comic, called The Dictates of Destiny. Bahadur’s side kick is the attractive Bela. Its all quite chaste, they are married and we see them going to their room and drinking tea (there is quite a bit of tea/coffee drinking in the story), but you never see them going to their bedroom.

I also found a history of Indrajal comics, which is greatly concerned with how the issues were catalogued, but it has scans of the fabulous covers of the Phantom comics, and I managed to glean a few facts about Phantom, The Ghost Who Walks:

…Because of The Phantom’s close connection to India, the editors made several politically correct” changes to places and names — Bengali became Denkali (there are no pygmy people in Bengal, which would have puzzled Indian readers); the Singh Brotherhood were known as Singa” pirates; and Rama (the murderer of the 20th Phantom) became Ramalu, even though Ramalu is also a common Indian name.

This is all very fascinating, considering Lee Falk, the creator of the Phantom comic series in the 1930s, is from St. Louis, and didn’t travel till later in life.

There was a Phantom movie in 1996, starring Billy Zane, and for what it is worth, there was a funny moment, when Phantom comes across a sign in the jungle saying, Property of the Rubber Company.” But that is where the satire stopped.