Fear and Loathing in the USSA

Culture and Media

Cover 01Tn This Godless Communism is a comic book series from the sixties (via Boing Boing) published by the Catholic Guild. This has great artwork, a lot of it done by artists who also worked on comics like Tales From the Crypt! Other wonderful things include a letter from J. Edgar Hoover and the liberal use of the L and F (liberty and freedom) word.

Thankfully, such comics aren’t relics from the past. Folks like Jack Chick are keeping these paranoid narratives alive. There are tracts about how rock music is the work of the Devil, how Creationism is superior to science, my personal favorite is the comic about how we must support Israel, because that is where the battle of Armageddon will occur, bringing the second coming; on the way to this, we are reminded that England lost is colonial pre-eminence because of turning its back on Israel!

His greatest ire is however, reserved for Catholics, notably in his Alberto series about a penitent priest. The man is a veritable industry unto himself, the site has articles, videos, you name it. He has articles about how Islam is a false religion, started by a pedophile; the Hindus are Demon worshipers and the Budhists…okay I could go on….you get the idea.