More Movie Gluttony


Land of the Dead (2005) by George Romero. The Pittsburgh auteur does it again. This is a good zombie movie. The world is in shambles, the zombies stumble through it, and the few decent humans try to do their best. I particularly liked the violence, its neither sadistic not aestheticized. Its more like medieval versions of hell, and actually quite beautiful, without trying to be beautiful. Its really well-cast, the stars don’t take over the aura’ of the film. Romero’s sense of humor is intact and the zombies are hungry, very-very hungry.

Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) by Vincente Minelli. Lauded as one of the greatest MGM musicals ever, this one gave me a tummy ache. I completely understand why Judy Garland became a drug addict.

Street Fight (2005) by Marshall Curry. The documentary was about New Jersey politics in the form of the 2002 mayoral race in Newark. This one made for great viewing; it was better than the average political-race documentary, which gets so caught up in the characters” that it forgets to think about anything else. New Jersey’s politics are quite like Bihar’s–if an elected official is in jail, his wife or son takes over, pork barrels galore, and other unsavory things. Street Fight looked at the political process when an older African-American Democrat mayor is challenged by a younger Yale educated African-American councilman, also a Democrat. NPR has a short interview with the filmmaker.