The Mystery of Dave

Culture and Media

If you are a fan of the Chappelle Show. The mystery of the disappearance of season three of the show is now solved (Thank you Sam). Entertainment Weekly reports:

Chappelle said he was staying in Durban, South Africa, with his friend Salim Domar, a fellow Muslim, for what he calls a ’spiritual retreat.’’ Contrary to Entertainment Weekly’s report last week, he says he has not checked himself into a mental health facility, though he acknowledges spending a single 40-minute session with a psychiatrist.

Its seems that Dave also tried to go on Hajj (I didn’t know he was a Muslim), but only got as far as Turkey.

If you don’t know the show, check it out on Comedy Central. Some skits are just about boobs and not so interesting, but others like the one about the White Supremacist who turns out to be African-American, but doesn’t know it because he is blind, are sheer genius.

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