Trouble at INPUT

Culture and Media

The San Francisco hotel workers conflict with management has come to the door of the ITVS (via alternet). ITVS is an organization funded by the Corporation of Public Broadcasting and is and responsible for much of the interesting programming seen on PBS. ITVS is the organizer of this year’s International Public Television (INPUT) conference, an important event for progressive public broadcasters from a dozen or so countries. ITVS had fundraised for this event for the last three years, however they are unwilling to side with the Unite Here Local 2 which wants them to withdraw their patronage of the Hilton (they lose over half a million dollars), and are going ahead with plans to hold the conference in the San Francisco Hilton:

Nevertheless, Fifer would like to be supportive of the union, and says she has suggested some creative alternatives, such as sponsoring screenings of labor films, holding forums and discussions, and having independent filmmakers document the struggle of local 2 against the hotels.

We’ve offered to support the union in any way we could,” says Fifer (Head of ITVS). Just because I can’t move the conference, doesn’t mean I don’t support the union!”

If you support them financially, you’re NOT supporting us,” counters local 2 Boycott Community Coordinator Kelly Dugan. We don’t want any other support. The fight is economic. The only way to support us is to honor the boycott — either move or you’re aiding our enemy.”

We don’t give passes to anybody,” adds Michael Casey. There is no creative solution.’ There is no middle ground.” This is just sad.