Turbans are Useful

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A jailbreak story via the BBC south of Quetta:

Seven prisoners, including a number convicted of murder, have escaped from a Pakistani jail by using their turbans for ropes.

Speaking of jailbreaks, Charles Sobhraj has a bunch of spectacular ones to his credit. At one point he was incarcerated in a Greek prison on an island. One day he managed to purloin a syringe. He drew some of his own blood, and spat it out during an inspection, and collapsed feigning illness. As a result, he was taken to the prison hospital, and off the island. While in hospital, he lay his hands on a bottle of perfume belonging to a nurse. He didn’t know how it would come in useful, yet.

After his treatment” Charles and some other inmates were put in a van to be taken back to the prison. While they were waiting in the harbor, Charles threw the perfume on a bunch of oily rags, and lit it, starting a fire in the van. The guards had to open the door of the van, and Sobhraj escaped in the confusion.

Now, I have read this in a pulpy book, so don’t know if its all true and accurate. Maybe it doesn’t matter.