Rolling to Success

Culture and Media

A nice piece in Rediff about Lijjat Papad:

Started with a modest loan of Rs 80, the cooperative now has annual sales exceeding Rs 301 crore (Rs 3.1 billion). What’s more stunning than its stupendous success is its striking simplicity

One of the things I enjoyed reading about in the story is about how the management philosophy is based on the idea of dignity. Everybody’s labor is treated with respect and the people providing the labor have a sense of ownership. Though I am suspicious of rosy stories of success, there is always the dark side we don’t find out about, I am inclined to believe that giving women control over their lives by enabling them to have some form of financial independence is always a good thing, so was happy to read about the papadam ladies.

I did wonder, however if the mob has tried to take over the papadom distribution network, like the egg cream racket in New York City in the twenties. Read Andrew Coe’s excellent account (via Ishbadiddle), which begins:

Before we turn to the criminal career of Harry Solomon Dolowich, let’s pause for something cold and sweet. I know the perfect spot. A cheerful Brooklyn luncheonette called Tom’s has been selling egg creams from its soda fountain since 1936.