Disappeared in America

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DISAPPEARED IN AMERICA: Art, Activism & Law in the Age of Insecurity

A panel discussion on Muslim Civil Liberties after 9/11 Preceded by a screening of WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THESE? Followed by a walk-through of the DISAPPEARED IN AMERICA installation

Saturday, April 9, 2:30 PM Queens Museum of Art, 2d Floor Auditorium

Panelists: *Marina Budhos, author of forthcoming INVISIBLE, a young adult novel about detentions

*Rachel Meeropol, attorney, Center for Constitutional Rights; editor of AMERICA’S DISAPPEARED

*Aziz Huq, VISIBLE Collective; attorney at Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law School on democracy and national security issues

*Tariq Abdel-Muhti, son of Farouk Abdel-Muhti, Palestinian activist and WBAI reporter who died from heart attack from complications during his two-year detention.

*Aimara Lin, activist, Not In Our Name; granddaughter of Japanese internees

*Theresa Thanjan, director, WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THESE?

Moderator: Naeem Mohaiemen, Director, VISIBLE, a collective of Muslim and Other Artist-Activists