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I have spent the past couple of weeks in the dungeons of the corporate world, hence the neglect of my blog and all other important albeit commercially non-productive activities.

There are two films that have been coming to my mind in the last few days. In the Company of Men and Company. The latter because I am working for what boils down to gangsters in suits, and the former because the corporate world is as pathological as Neil LaBute portrays it in his 1997 film.

The project I have been on has already cost what a hardworking office person in the company makes in a year, just the sort of person the folks in finance (the folks involved in this particular project) figure out ways to fire with impunity. However, it has been morbidly fascinating to watch the power politics that executives have to play in order to avoid losing their jobs. Enormous amounts of money and resources are being wasted so that people can maintain their positions. Stupidity, mediocrity and fear is the stuff of daily life in these places. I remember being told when I was in school, how this was the real world,” I suppose they meant, the more dull and idiotic it is, the more you suffer, hence it more real.”