“Whose Children Are These?” at Cinequest

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Whose Children are These is about three Muslim youths and the impact of post 9/11 paranoia on their lives. Now you can watch it online! (unfortunately on Windows Player).

It is up for an audience vote on Cinequest, so please go and take a look and vote. A message from the director:

Out of hundreds of films submitted, Whose Children Are These?” was selected for this competition.  The top three short films (based on total votes) will earn a spot at the Cinequest Film Festival, one of the premiere film festivals in the United States.  I would appreciate your help!!

 This is also a terrific opportunity to view the film, in the comfort of your own home (I think you need windows media player), if you have not already seen it.  Please forward to interested parties.

Here’s how you do it:

1)   During the period of February 24- March 1, 2005, log onto www.cinequestonline.org 2)   You will have to register with Cinequest Online. There is no fee.  3) Go to the Viewers Voice Award Competition”  4) Under New Shorts” Look  for Whose Children Are These?” Watch the film, it is 27 minutes long and vote your opinion of the film.  You can also write a review.  It’s as simple as that!  5)   Spread the word.  Tell ALL of your friends and family to do the same!!!

  THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Sincerely, Theresa