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In the wake of the Kanchi murder scandal and the gun licensing pontiffs in Uttar Pradesh, comes another lurid tale, this time from the Swaminarayan Temple in Gujrat. Times of India reports that a priest has been arrested for trafficking in women:

Among those arrested is Junagadh Swaminarayan temple’s Swami Bhakti Swarup who was reportedly caught having sex with a woman in a CD which got exposed in the media.

Three others have been arrested for making these CDs and for luring married women with the promises of children and material success. The evidence gathered includes (Rediff):

Several books containing nude photographs of women, a copy of Vatsayana’s Kamasutra, condoms, contraceptive pills and sleazy literature…

Like everything else there is a conspiracy behind all this:

The videos were being used by two factions trying to gain supremacy over the Vadtal sect.

Having found temples to be generally unpleasant places where you get pinched and felt up, I am not surprised at all. But I am surprised at how banal all this is. Home porn is the biggest market in amateur photography, where perfectly nice middle class people get their jollies, and most people are insecure enough to need sex manuals. But then a scandal is a scandal.