Real News


Last week Sepia Mutiny posted on the Yes Men’s hoax. Here is an interview from Democracy Now (thank you Shaila Mehra) with the Yes Man who perpetrated the hoax, it has the BBC interview as well. They would have preferred to be on Fox News, and after the hoax was discovered they released another press release:

….we felt that we owed Dow some public relations work so we issued an explanation by Dow that in fact the Jude Finisterra fellow in the morning had not been their representative and that in fact everything he said was incorrect. Then we proceeded to outline exactly what was incorrect. Dow was not going to remediate the site even though it wouldn’t cost very much; they were not going to compensate people to more than $500, $500 was in fact enough for an Indian, plenty good for an Indian, etc., etc. Everything they were not going to do we just spelled it out for them, since all they had said was he was not their spokesperson. We thought that was insufficient.

Body and Soul has an excellent post about the hoax. She points out the callous disregard of not only Dow Chemicals, but of the media’s attitude of, life is cheap in the third world,” and its professional lapses.

I suppose that is why we depend on the fake news with Jon Stewart to get to the real news. Here is an extensive interview on Rediff about the the sorry state of affairs.