Theologically Correct Film Festival

Culture and Media

Indiewire reports on a newfilm festival in San Antonio, TX.

Festival films will be judged using a criteria that includes a project’s sound biblical worldview,” its theological accuracy, the quality of the project, production values and the holiness in presentation.”

I am sure these films will be extremely well-made. When I was in film school, as a pre-screener for the student film festival, I saw films from places like Regent University. These films had high production values, were technically accomplished and seemed to have a lot more money behind them than the average student film. What was consistently true of these films were their peculiar flatness, as if they had been made by automatons, maybe it was just that the characters always seemed rather opaque and zombie like, even when they were being lively. Speaking of religious films, I remember the pleasure of viewing films like Ben Hur, Samson and Delilah, Quo Vadis, screened regularly for us by the nuns at school. What was enjoyable about these films was the garish sexiness of the non-believers, the heathens had better fashion sense and were having more fun. Peter Ustinov as Nero is a treat not to be missed.

I have been surfing the web for theologically correct films (is that going to replace pc?) and all the websites are consistent in their complaint of being victims of Godless Hollywood fare and those horrible non-religious elites, not unlike what independent filmmakers complain about. Maybe the catacombs never went out of fashion. But seriously what are they complaining about, the man in the White House has a mandate from God.

Anyhow, here is an image courtesy of Body and Soul.