A “Hindu” Accent

Culture and Media

Does anyone know what a Hindu” accent is? Some people on Craig’s list are looking for just such a person.

IMMEDIATELY Looking for a Hindu-speaking Female as News Presenter. Must be able to speak English but with a STRONG ACCENT. How to apply: submit your profile at www.FancyFlix.com (it’s completely free of charge) and receive further instructions by email.

This job is supposed to be in New Jersey. If they are in Jersey, shouldn’t they know any better. This shouldn’t be as irritating to me as it is. The proverbial straw of complacent ignorance that is breaking this camel’s back. If I had more energy I would write crank applications. Would that be petty, or some sort of elaborate performance piece?

I guess these people aren’t that different from the Met. I went there yesterday with a friend visiting from India. We went to the South Asia section, which had works from Ancient India, with pre-historic art, Indus Valley artifacts and ancient Hindu and Buddhist sculptures. The text in that section informed us that Buddhism declined because of Muslim marauders from the 10th century onwards, this is just plain untrue, Buddhism had been co-opted a long time before that, and pretty much in decline by the time the raids from the West appeared on the scene. (Remember the Dasha Avatar comic book from Amar Chitra Katha, which called Buddha the ninth reincarnation of Vishnu?!) Then all the Mughal art was put in the Islamic and Near Easter” section. I don’t know what sort of historiography the Met is looking at, but its definitely the 19th century, perhaps the cutting edge of Art History as far as South Asian art is concerned, lies in the 19th century, otherwise why this partition? What are these people waiting for to break their slumber, the kiss of a charming Emperor Ashok?