In Whose Name?

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In Whose Name?” a short by Nandini Sikand, for which I was the editor is screening at IAAC festival. It explores the hijacking of Indian Culture” by the right wing, something very disturbing to those of us who grew up loving the very things that took on a very sinister meaning down the road. Sometimes I wonder if I hadn’t learnt classical music and dance, this co-optation would have been as disturbing as it is. Would I have felt differently, if I had been like the other modern misses in school, who wouldn’t be caught speaking in Hindi, let alone engage in anything identified as too vernacular” behenji” or desi.”

This film has had a peculiar history of people trying to make sure it doesn’t get seen. Mighty odd to expend all that energy on a short film, so please go and see what is annoying them so much.

In Whose Name? (2004, 11 mins.) is a filmic essay which explores the co-opting of icons by political agendas. This experimental short is told through personal narrative, Bollywood films, comic book art and home movies. IAAC Fourth Annual Indian Diaspora Film Festival on Nov 7 at 3 p.m (Short Program 4). Anthology Film Archives at 32 Second Avenue (at 2nd street For schedule information For tickets