Control Room out on DVD

Culture and Media

Jehane Noujaim’s Control Room is coming out on DVD. Indiewire has re-run an interview with her. Its interesting, how everyone has to clarify that they have no strong beliefs, in order to have their work taken seriously:

iW: Would you say you were objective in this film?

Noujaim: Well, objectivity is a bit of mirage,” as one of my characters says.

I was biased towards the characters I was following: Mintier, Deema, Rushing, Sameer, Hassan.

iW: But didn’t you bring your own political bias to the mix?

Noujaim: I don’t know enough or feel qualified to make political judgments. I didn’t have any strong beliefs going into this. I was just very curious about who was giving the information to the world. Noujaim deals with the belief, politics, whose side are you on?” issue quite well in the interview.