Where is my Leni Riefenstahl retrospective?

Culture and Media

Slate has a report on the conservative film festival in Dallas. It seems to have had the requisite Michael Moore bashing crop of films, and a hagiography of sorts on Ann Coulter:

…stranger still was Is It True What They Say About Ann?, a short film about the conservative provocateur Ann Coulter, who said of Muslim terrorists after 9/11 that we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.” The director, Patrick Wright, never attempts to answer the title question, preferring to let the camera gaze lovingly at Ann as she hawks her books and invades university campuses. After a protester disrupts one of her speeches, she quips, You really develop your analytical skills here at Johns Hopkins. At Harvard, they had questions.” When an olive-skinned girl asks her to sign a book later, Coulter asks, Are you a Sikh?” No, I’m Hindu, the woman replies. Oh, I’ve got a lot of Sikh friends for some reason,” Coulter says. You’re my first Hindu.”

How does she know so many Sikhs? or does she know only one brown person who is also Sikh, kind of like how lots of people have that one gay friend or one African American friend, and tell you that to let you know that they are not bigoted.

Now if they have a retrospective of Leni Riefenstahl, I might go next year. She seems to be back in fashion. A friend told me of a dinner table conversation she had with some rich young woman who was very excited about starting an art collection. The first acquisitions she made were photographs and stills from Riefenstahl’s films, when my friend pointed out that Riefenstahl was a propagandist for the Nazi’s, she was greeted with a blank stare. I guess invoking the H guy is valid only when you want to go to war, and quite invalid when you want to increase the value of your property.