IPC 377 Murdabad


The BBC reports

The high court in the Indian capital Delhi has dismissed a legal petition that sought to legalise homosexuality.

Basically they are refusing to repeal an antiquated law from the late 19th century that criminalizes homosexuality, all on the basis of a technicality, it seems the wrong group” petitioned. According to a Professor Rao

It’s about time the government woke up from its slumber and caught up with its reading. Far from being a western import, homosexuality was known and practised in ancient and medieval India unselfconsciously. The Kamasutra takes note of it. In their book Same Sex Love in India, Saleem Kidwai and Ruth Vanita inform us that Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva had a love affair, that led to the birth of Ayyappa.

It seems that Sanskrit has words that describe several kinds of sexualities not just homo and hetero, so it seems there is nothing un-Indian” about alternate sexualities. So something that has been criminalized for only two hundred years or so takes on the mantle of tradition, while the VHP agitates to bring Ram Rajya.” Its troubling that both Prof. Rao and myself feel compelled to invoke an ancient tradition to criticize a law that is clearly unjust, and should be repealed for that reason alone. How the terms of the debate have changed….