Shame and Tell

Culture and Media

This via Engadget. If you are in India and don’t pay your cell phone bill, the company just might call your relatives and friends, and not you, to get you to pay the bill. And its not even illegal! I guess they are using the old shame and tell technique, Log kya kahenge” (what will people say when they hear of this), since the guilt stuff doesn’t quite work the same way in India. Can you imagine the sort of trouble you could get into if you are a randy teenager? Webindia reports

The use of mobile phones is directly responsible for the early sexual encounters directly, they are as harmful as porn sites and adult magazines,” said Professor Willy Pederson.

So in a country where cell phones look like they will overtake land lines pretty soon, with its insalubrious effects on teenagers, I can only imagine the chaos that would follow. On a more mundane level, if you are on the National Do Not Call Registry, and are wondering why your telemarketing calls have gone up recently, its because the telemarketer is probably calling from India, and they are not breaking any US federal laws. In a country where privacy is not greatly respected, there is not even a god I can pray to for protection from unwanted calls.