Careful Sepia Mutiny!


I hope the good folks at Sepia Mutiny don’t get into trouble for posting this entry on who the Indian American delegates are at the RNC. A New York Times story via Body and Soul

The Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation and is demanding records regarding Internet postings by critics of the Bush administration that list the names of Republican delegates and urge protesters to give them an unwelcome reception in New York City.

On another note, the RNC delegation seem pretty pleased that Bush took out time to be interviewed on India Abroad, as reported by which also reports that Katherine Harris the heroine of 2000” came to their party! and that W invited the star Republican fundraiser to the White House to see a movie. All this giddiness at being noticed by the man! I suppose if you are white on probation” its a rather precarious position to be in, so you are grateful for every step forward (if this is progress), and it probably makes you much more paranoid than a bunch of free-wheeling bloggers, so I am sure the Mutineers are not losing any sleep.