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Thanks to Tom Vick, I now know of Green Cine Daily, an extensive film related blog. They have lots of good entries on Asian Cinema, among other things.

There is an interview with Takeshi Miike that I can recommend. I haven’t nearly seen as much Miike as I would like to. We discovered him right after 9/11. We were in a daze, and sort of depressed, with that low-level dark fog that can descend on you when you feel you are living through a particularly bad historical moment, there is nothing personal about it. I suppose we intuited what was coming down the pike. Anyway, Audition was the only interesting looking film that was playing in the city, so we went. It was so scary and horrifying, and beautiful, that it shocked us out of our mental state. It somehow calmed us down. I have been a fan of Miike ever since.

The other article I enjoyed reading, is by Priya Lal about the reception of Bollywood. It goes beyond the usual tendency of recounting Bollywood’s baroque surfaces, and talks about Bollywood as a product of modernity and its reception as such all over the world.