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Unfinished films An article from the Guardian about films by the likes of Hithcock and Eisenstein that did not get made, either due to the evil studio bureaucracy or the director’s own hubris.

Big” deal The Tamil ripoff of the Hollywood movie Big” has some women’s organizations in India up in arms. And not because they are defending the copyright of Penny Marshall’s film, but because all these sex scenes have been added to the film, where the boy in the man’s body is seduced and presumably taught about sex by his wife. The BBC reports:

The film’s director and lead actor, MJ Surya, says there is nothing in it against women or children. He says the sex scenes are there because the story line requires them. He has described his film as fiction laced with sex and comedy”.

While MJ Surya indulges in his ultimate Oedipal dream (while hoping to make a buck no doubt), the maternal object of desire says no. I guess Psychoanalytic theories are not universally applicable.