Designs on the White House


Apologies to the non-US folks, and I normally don’t fundraise for political parties, but I suppose this election year is something else, and I have a personal connection with the Designs on the White House folks, as I am married to one of the organizers!

Last of all these T-shirts are actually nice, so buy one, the proceeds will go to the Kerry campaign, and you will be spreading the word.

Designs on the White House” was a design contest to create better campaign shirts for Kerry, judged by the likes of Kenneth Cole, Al Franken, Moby, and Milton Glaser. From hundreds of entries, ten winners have now been picked. (Unlike the official Kerry campaign shirts, these are shirts you’d actually want to wear!) You can see the winning designs at

If you’re supporting Kerry in the upcoming election, please consider buying a shirt. You can either buy a shirt directly from CafePress, here:

Or pre-order a silk-screened shirt here:

The silk screened shirts are available on colored shirts, and if you pre-order you’ll save 5 bucks. Either way, the net proceeds will go to support the Kerry campaign. They have raised about $1000 so far, and I think they can raise a lot more.

Thanks, and I hope you’ll not only buy some shirts but also help spread the word.