Discussion within the BJP?


At least some of the BJP high-command understands that they lost the election because of the 2002 violence in Gujarat. There seems to be a division within the party regarding their own politics, but this is an interesting turn of events.

Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee today emphatically stated that Gujarat” will be discussed at the party’s forthcoming National Executive in Mumbai.

Regarding the Gujarat violence, filmmaker Rakesh Sharma has made a four part documentary, Final Solution, about the events of 2002. If you get a chance to see the film do so. While the film is more like a catalogue rather than a narrative, it makes clear the complicity of the State in the death of thousands of people.

There is a lot of documentation about the riots, and also the source of funds outside India that go into supporting such political violence. You can get to those sites via Kerim’s blog: